Wardah Beauty and Hijab Class

last sunday I've been invited by HSC (Hijab Style Community) Jakarta
to attending Beauty and Hijab Class

for the first, I wanted to go there but I had nobody to accompany me
so I just added one of HSC member in their group on Facebook
her name is Murni and she lives nearby my house
and that's why I added her :p

well then we're chatting and knowing each other
and guess what?
surprisingly, her hubby is an old friend of my hubby
they went in the same junior high school!
haha what a coincidence :D 

so she asked me if I wanted to join with her to the event
I insisted my hubby to allowed me
but he wouldn't if both of us just went by public transportation
because the place is sooo far from our residence
fortunately, Murni's husband which is my husband's friend (oh I'm dizzy LOL)
he said he will take his own car
and yay! we're go there!

so the event started on 1 pm - 3 pm
held in Wardah Office
we're prepared and left on 10 pm
we're just worried of traffic jam besides the far distance
then we arrived at 12 pm
and the show wasn't yet started -_-"

we're met with other members which came earlier
and they're so fabulous!
and I forgot to take pictures before the show
hehe my bad :p

ok first we're doing make up class by Wardah
we were too busy to take picture
but we're so glad that Wardah has a photographer crew
then everyone took before-after picture
but hey we saved one :D

still half and imperfect beauty :p

next, Hijab Class by Dian Pelangi
I was sooo excited to see her
she's so beautiful and an inspiring lady
although she's 5 years younger than me
but I called her 'Mbak Dian'
hahah silly me!

Dian Pelangi ♥

here's some my Hijab class results:

I got huge flower in my head

some friends told me that I look like an Indian woman 
in this picture LOL

Turban style but I prefer after 'keramas' style haha!

I just improved my brooch to get there hehe

the Turban women LOL

Murni and Me after the show

on the stage

with Intan, my new friend. she's so cute ♥

with Dian Pelangi


HSC Jakarta with Dian Pelangi

look what I've got!
the goodie bag from Wardah
and Pashmina from Dian Pelangi for freeee!! yay!!!

that's all fellas
I think there's still so many pictures
but I haven't get it yet
maybe later I will post the new one ;)

thank you HSC, Wardah and Dian Pelangi
these event really made my day
we're had fun and feel the beauty inside out
alhamdulillah :)

s a l a m ♥


  1. That really is a coincidence lol :D & it sounds like you had a great time, those hijab styles are fab :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  2. hehe yes indeed, those event was my new experience too. thanks for comment ;)

  3. sekarang lagi jamannya model krudung arab
    boleh jg nih di coba

  4. @anisadh yup lagi 'in' banget pake hijab pashmina ala Hana Tajima :D