The Fruit Phone

okay, just ignore the title
it could be the sequel of my previous post Perspective
and yesss... I've got a new gadget
an iPhone, yay!
thanks to hubby, he's really surprised me
padahal sebelum dikasih  kita sempet berantem dulu hihi

I'm sooo happy with my new fruit phone
si Apple kegigit ini makes me so addicted
because of Instagram
oh, that app's really so happening right now
ada yang lucu setelah beberapa hari saya pegang si iPin (yes, I named my iPhone :p)
ternyata aplikasi Instagram juga di apply ke Android
so, it becomes mainstream and not exclusive anymore

hubby told me, why should he bought an iPhone instead of Android phone,
(which is cheaper) if I only need just one application?!
I just said, because I don't know how to operating the Android
it's too complicated and not suitable for my brain

here som of my pics on Instgram :D

see, I'm not an expert :p
I still learning how to take a good pic and edit it :)

s a l a m

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